Your English is Good

“Your English is Good” – Tokyo Police Club
I am wearing some kick-ass green velvet shorts. I have been dying to get some velvet shorts and these have satisfied my craving. 😛 At the thrift store I found some long green velvet pants that were a size 12! They were pretty ugly, but then I shorten them and made them into high-waisted green velvet shorts! whoo-hoo! Didn’t cost me much! $3!
I’m also wearing my trustee brown combat boots. I’ll NEVER get rid of them! I actually got to get them fixed. They are soooo worn out! I also think my hair looks pretty cool in this last pic. This is an unintentional ombre look. My roots are just growing in at a fast pace! I think I’ll keep it! (also I’m too broke to fix my roots)

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