Fake It

“Fake It” – Perfume
I was unsure about this look and it’s blurry. : I’ve worn almost all these pieces before, but just not with each other. This was Carla’s Birthday and we decided to go to BJ’s. Chrissean bought me the top at Goodwill, I got the shorts from H&M, and the shoes? I got them at work for $3.90! Can you believe that? They were pretty much free because work gave me a gift-card for selling so many credit cards.
My mother did my hair. 🙂 But I look like a Spanish Mormon here.. I guess I am what I am. Haha! I’m 1/8 Spanish (But look FULL) and I was baptized Mormon at the age of 9. I’m not a true Mormon tho. Anyway, I felt embarrassed taking these pictures so they didn’t turn out so well. :/ Plus I’m SHY.

BTW! HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY TO MY GIRL CARLITAS! You’ll get my awesome gift on Saturday! Hope you’ll like it. 🙂


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