I Need a Dollar

“I Need a Dollar” – Aloe Blacc
This is a dress my oldest sister gave to me to alter for her. I cut off the sleeves and of course shorten it. She gave me the dress recently and had me keep it. So! I decided to take pictures in it. The first set of pictures were taken a couple of days on my and my boyfriend’s 21st month anniversary. 😀 We went to Ikea and took pictures on their infamous big chair. 🙂
The second set of pictures were taken about a year ago at my friend Carla’s 21st birthday dinner. I think this dress looked much better on me when I was blonde.. I miss my blonde days! Aha! and the last picture of me is a collage of me trying to climb on that big chair! I’m such a dork..
Oh! By the way! My second oldest sister gave me her old camera! It’s only 8.1 megapixels, but hey! It takes  good pictures and I’m sure it’s better quality than my iPhone! Aha! so yeah! Expect more pictures soon!

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