“Trees” – Sean Walsh
This outfit seems more like summer. But I don’t think I ever dress according to season.. I like to wear dresses and jumpers in the winter because I can wear leggings and I’m not revealing to much of my legs. Haha anyway. I got this awesome sweater for $3.50 at the thrift store! It was an awesome find. It’s a little big though, so I had to pin the back and I got to sew it later.¬†Underneath, I’m wearing a polka-dot jumper from Heritage. I didn’t have a cool flowy skirt or dress so I thought this would look cool with this sweater.
On this day, my boyfriend and I went to a small park where we went to the batting cages. It was free because my boyfriend had extra tokens laying around. We also walked around the mall. We stopped by Macy’s and I fell in love with the Betsy Johnson section. All her accessories were gorgeous. I loved this necklace that had saturn and two stars on it. It had to be $85 tho. One day, I’ll make good money and spoil myself. One day! For now I just have to look for good finds at thrift stores..
P.S. The black cat ring is also Betsy, but does not belong to me.

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