You’re Not Outta the Woods Yet

My boyfriend named this one. ^_^
Sorry I haven’t been posting lately.. But this counts as a November post. I’ve been caught up with school and work lately! >_< Working in retail means I get a bijillion hours and because it is now December that means FINALS are coming! Gahhh.. bring the stress on! I’m so good at that.
Well anywho. This was my outfit when Chrissean and I went on a sushi date. I bought my studded blazer at work for $19.99 and the leggings also at work for $7.99. The boots were from Goodwill. BRAND NEW! O_o And only $5 because there was a 50% sale going on. Welp.. I hope you enjoy my outfit. 😀

3 thoughts on “You’re Not Outta the Woods Yet

  1. I really love the studding lapels on your blazer, I think it's totally rockin! And your hair is incredibly amazing! Don't you love discovering untouched new stock in thrift stores? It's such a treasure! And with 50%, can anyone complain? Good luck on your finals!


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