World At Large

“World at Large” – Modest Mouse
Hi guys! I’m pretty excited about this post! 😀 My boyfriend bought me my first galaxy item! It’s also my first purchase from I wore this dress with my studded blazer and combat boots. I really need to buy new combat boots. They’re starting to tear. I also braided my hair into a fish-tail. The only cool braid I know! >_<
But yeah. I took my boyfriend out for a surprise date. I told him we were going to Oakland and he got pretty nervous (cause Oakland can be ghetto). I told him he’ll be fine, where we were going it was going to be perfectly safe. I took him to the Mormon Temple. During this time of year they display Christmas lights in the beautiful garden. It was nice! And not to mention FREEZING! Haha. 🙂 Then afterwards, we ate some Fentons! Yuummmm! Well I hope you enjoy my post! Janai!

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