Top: Fish Kebab
Bottom: Chicken Breast Kebab
Afghani Salad
Excuse my spelling!
Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Country: Afghanistan
Restaurant: Kamdesh Afghan Kabab House
Location: 14th Street Oakland
Name of Dishes: Mantoo, Fish Kebab, Chicken Breast Kebab, Afghani Salad
Description: Mantoo/Mantu are dumplings filled with ground beef and onions. It is steamed and topped with yogurt or tomato based sauce.
Fish Kebab – “Chunks of Salmon marinated in freshly grated herbs and spices.”
Chicken Breast Kebab – “Marinated chunks of boneless chicken breasts.”
Both kebab plates were served with brown rice.
Afghani Salad – made with cucumbers, herbs, onions, and yogurt house dressing
Price: Total – $36
Rating: 8 out of 10
Kamdesh is only about a 5 minute drive from my apartment. I read that it was in a sketchy neighborhood, but it’s just in downtown Oakland and it’s normal. We got inside and it wasn’t busy at all. We started off with Mantoo because I read so much about it. My expectations of the dish was that it would taste similar to Asian dumplings, but I was wrong. The tomato yogurt base threw me off, but it was still delicious and had that hint of spice.
Then we got our main dish. It came quite quickly. I orered the Chicken Breast Kebab and Matthew ordered the Fish Kebab. Mine was pretty delicious. The spices were perfect touch, but the whole meal made me really thirst. Matthew’s plate thooooo… I wanted his entire dish. The salmon was perfectly cooked and still a bit juicy. I didn’t know that it was salmon. Otherwise I would have ordered that! And he got grilled onions and peppers on his plate.. no fair.. Anyway. I had a good experience. I didn’t feel extremely fat when I left. It was fairly a healthy meal!

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