Mythos Greek Beer – One of Greece’s top 3 drinks. 4.7% alcohol

Bifteki Platter – “A seasoned mix of ground meats fresh herbs & spices, chopped onions & garlic, friend then charbroiled for that perfect taste served with tzatziki, steak fries & a mini salad”

(Tzatziki is a sauce made from yogurt, garlic, and cucumbers)


Ikaros Gyro Sandwich – “A traditonal blend of marinated lamb & beef gyro meat served on pita with tomatoes, red onions & tzatziki”

With a side of Orzo Pasta Salad

(“A gyro is a Greek dish of meat roasted on a vertical spit and usually served in a pita bread with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce. -wiki”)


Baklava – ” Flaky layers of filo and walnuts drenched with Greek honey”

(Filo is a type of dough that can be stretched into layers)

Date: Friday, April 24, 2015

Country: Greece

Restaurant: Ikaros Greek Restaurant

Location: Grand Ave, Oakland

Price: $46

Rating: 8 out of 10

Matthew and I tried Greek food and I found this restaurant near our place. We entered the restaurant and it was so nice in the inside. I felt like I was in a fancy restaurant. There were barely any people there, we were alone most of the time. We ordered our plates and I ordered the wrong thing! I wanted the Gyro stacker which is a huge plate of fries, gyro meat, the pita bread, and the tzatiki sauce. But I ordered the Bifteki Platter thinking it was a huge stacker as well because it was under Gyro Stacker. I was wrong. But it was still delicious and I got a salad with it!

Matthew got the Ikaro’s Gyro Platter and it was extremely good. The gyro was easy to eat unlike other places I’ve tried where it’s a complete mess and there’s vegetables falling all over the place. His Orzo pasta salad was delicious also. The pasta noodles were extra soft! We then ordered the most asked beer in the restaurant, Mythos Greek. It was very light beer. Only 4.7%. It tasted like inexpensive beer I used to play beer pong with (if you know what I mean). Then lastly, the baklava came out and it was great! There were more walnuts than the flaky silo though and that’s my favorite part. It was a good amount of sweetness and hit the spot. Overall, I enjoyed my visit there! I did not feel completely guilty and full after leaving!

Next I’m going to eat Salvadorian food! Thanks for reading! ^.^


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