“Loser” – Big Bang
I’m sort of obsessed with the song Loser by Big Bang. Good song! Anyway! This was my OOTD for my food adventure. Every week I try some ethnic food and write about it in my food blog. This week I tried Salvadorian food! 🙂
Moon and Sun Top – Ross for $10
Pleather Skirt – Can’t remember the name of the store, but it was like $6!
Black Oxfords – Thrifted! $8!
I’m always buying cheap clothing.. They say you should spend more money clothes for the quality.. I totally agree with that, but only if they’re staples in your closet. If it’s just for a fashion statement, my opinion is to go for the cheap finds! Fashion is constantly changing. Why spend $50 bucks on a shirt that will probably go out of style in 6 months? 
In that case.. My goal is to go thrift shopping more and find more good deals no more than $20! 
Btw. Matthew suggested that I start a separate IG for my OOTDs. 
Username: ThrifteeMeziee (he thought of the name!)

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