Featuring our special guest Brye!

Most Epic Painting!

Both beers are Lager beer and were brewed in El Salvador [$4 each]

Suprema has an alcohol content of 4.5%

Pilsener has 4.5-5%

Platano’s special hot sauce and pickled cabbage (curtido) for the pupusas.

Revuelta (crisp & tender fried pork & cheese) and Queso (mozarrelia & jack cheese) Pupusas

Pupusas are stuffed thick corn masa tortilla [$2.65 each]


Fried Platanos, red refried beans beans & sour cream [$6.75]


Tamales De Sal 

Chicken tamales with potato [$6.75]

Flamiago De Platano

Platano creme brulee [$5]

Date: Thursday, April 30, 2015

Country: El Salvador

Restaurant: Platano

Location: University Ave, Berkeley

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Last week I picked El Salvador and ate at this restaurant called Platano in Berkeley! Brye came with Matthew and I.. I guess you can call him our special guest… :p When we got there I was expecting the old antique smell that everyone on yelp was talking about, and they were right! We sat near the window next to this pretty epic painting posted above. ^^^ Then the three of us ordered beers and they were all extremely light. But for some reason I got buzzed off just one (I haven’t eaten all day). Then we got our pupusas and put their special mild sauce and pickled cabbage on them and they were amazing! The sauce was not spicy at all, but it added a nice flavor to the pupusas.

Then I tried my platanos and it was so good! Salvadoran red beans are my favorite kind of beans and these were pretty awesome! The bananas were nice touch too! Then the dessert came out. I was soooo full, but it was creme brulee with fried banana on top! It was like a banana churro like Matthew and Brye described it. It was a nice crunchy banana and the creme part so yummmm.. Overall, the food and service was great! So I rated it 9.5 out of 10! 🙂



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