More Spaceeee

I currently live in a studio with my boyfriend Matthew. Sounds a bit small and cramped, but we make it work! We have a bunch of storage space, built in drawers, and a walk in closet! I get 2/3 of the closet and Matthew gets the rest!

It wasn’t such a problem before because when I moved in I was so sick of the clothes I wore and only brought a few things. But thkngs have changed. I brought more clothes from my parents house and bought a shit ton of new clothes! I had to buy a second hang rack for inside of the closet but I filled that up fast! So I finally got rid of my study corner (that I never used) and put a new hanger rack there! I bought hot pink hangers and put my best pieces out there just to motivate myself to dress better. Looking at it, I still feel like I don’t have enough nice clothes. But I do! But maybe I need to buy more basics to mix it up a bit more!
Oh I even bought a new shoe rack since my shoes on the shelves are becoming disorganized and full. Having a small place becomes messy so fast. So I have to think of better ways to organize and display the things I’m proud of! When we get a better place I need my own walk in closet and a vanity! That would be a dream.. Ahh maybe I’m being too spoiled, but one of my resolutions was to be a bit more materialistic… It’s more of an expensive passion tho.. Oh well. 


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