Hi! This was my OOTD for my best friend Smelixis’ birthday! Matty bought me this Jurassic park shirt from online. He found it and thought it would look cute on me so he just bought it. (In hopes it fits him too.. AHH BUT TOO BAD) Kidding. I appreciate it so much because when we watched Jurassic World, this guy wore a shirt similar to this and I thought it was soooo cool!

Anyway! These shorts are pretty awesome too. I love green plaid. I got these shorts from Forever 21 for $16 I think. Yayyyy! :3 oh and my accessories! My choker and clips are from eBay. Super cheap! The necklace was way too big so I had to adjust it. I have a freakishly small neck..
Well thanks for reading! Muaaahhhhhh



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