Matthew’s Aventinus Beer


My Schneider Weisse


House-made bratwurst with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut 


Pork Schitzel with a side of potatoes and baconnnnn

Date: Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Restaurant: Suppenkuche

Location: Laguna Street, San Francisco

Rating: 7 out of 10

I know nothing about Germany or German food. I just know that Germans are TALL and can DRINK. I only know a few and met them all while studying in Japan. Anyway! I chose this restaurant because I looked up German restaurants on yelp and came across DAS BOOT! (pictured below)
BUT! They literally only had two in the entire restaurant because the others either broke or were stolen. >.< The waiters only allowed large groups to share them. -__- I wanted to attempt it. Just me and Matthew! We could have done it! Ahh.. Oh well. But yeah. This restaurant was pretty good. I believe all the tables were all communal unless you had a party of six or more.

We sat in the booth area and it was so hot so we moved and the waitress was so annoyed with me.. my bad. Other than that, I enjoyed the food. It was BIG PORTIONS and the pork schnitzel was super good! It was breaded well and juicy in the center. The bratwursts were delicious too. It was just too much food because our beers were big and filling.

I think I would come back again, but just for the beers. There was a large selection and an extremely helpful bartender named Craig. One day I’ll try das boot! One day!

Well… Thanks for reading!




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