Espetus Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse 


Date: Sunday, September 13, 2015

Restaurant: Suppenkuche

Location: Market Street, San Francisco

Rating: 10 out of 10

This post is quite late.. Anyway! Matthew and I came here to celebrate our one-year anniversary! yayyy! I chose this place because I’ve always wanted to try Brazilian Steakhouse and heard highly of this place. It’s super popular and you have to book reservations! When we got there our table was already set for us and we could start eating right away.. That’s what I love about buffets, you don’t have to wait!

The salad bar was amazing! There were so many choices and it’s not only just salad for those salad-haters (aka me!). The bar also had rice dishes and stuffed mushrooms! Then it was time to eat the meat! Every table has these small signs that let the waiters know if you want more food or to hold off for a while. I loved how the waiters would cut the meat straight from the skewer! We had these special tongs and would grab the meat that they served.

My favorites were the sirloin steak and grilled pineapples. The sirloin was soooooo juicy. Omg. It was perfect. And I never had warm pineapples, but it truly hit the spot. It made my tummy feel a bit better. In the end, I had a great experience! I just wish I had eaten maybe 10 more plates, because it was quite pricey! But WELL WORTH IT.

Thanks for reading this far! 🙂 Next blog/vlog is Cambodia!




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