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“Let’s Groove Tonight” – Earth, Wind, and Fire

I find that I feel most comfortable and cool when I wear clothes from another decade. I’m not much for showing skin and like my neckline very high. I do like dresses that show off my waist. I got women’s child bearing body (wide hips) with a small waist! So I should find more clothes that flatter my bod.

This day my boyfriend took me out on a date to the city. We went to this small cat event. I was extremely fun and I got to wear cat ears! :3 We also found this cool van to match my outfit!

Think from now on I should post more. This blog shouldn’t just be my ootds, but fashion finds I think are worth sharing.

Ootd details:
Dress – Romwe
Boots – Charolette Rouse
Cat ears – EBay
Anywho.. One day I’ll share this blog. One day..



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