Lers Ros Thai




Live music!


Pad Kee Mow – Spicy pan-fried flat noodle with bell peppers, bean sprouts, and basil (Beef)


Pad Kra Prow Moo Krab – Stir fried pork belly with basil leaves and crispy rind.


Singha Beer – Thai Lager Beer 5% alc.


Sticky rice with strawberry ice cream


Date: Friday, November 20, 2016

Restaurant: Lers Ros Thai

Location: 730 Larkin Street, San Francisco

Rating: 7 out of 10

My boyfriend and I came to this location because I have never tried authentic Thai food. Well.. I mean Pad Thai, but not that’s a pretty typical Thai dish in California. Anywho, this place was highly rated on Yelp so I thought I’d check it out. When we got to the restaurant we noticed the area was super sketch.(Tenderloin) There were hobos walking back and forth.. The wait was quite long too, so we were out there with hobos.

When we finally got in, there was live music! It was pretty cool! Matthew ordered the stir-fried pork belly and I ordered the Pad Kee Mow which I had before at Champa Garden. Matthew’s was sooo delicious! It basically tasted like lechon (Filipino/Spanish roasted pig). They left pieces of fat with the pork so it was flavorful! My Pad Kee Mow was alright. It was extremely spicy though!

And lastly for dessert we  ordered Sticky Rice with strawberry ice cream. I really wanted a side of mangos but they didn’t have it that night. :/ So I had strawberry ice cream, which was a weird combo, but the sticky rice was still good!

Overall, I had a great experience! I will probably get the pork belly dish with a side of rice next time!

Yelp Link: https://www.yelp.com/biz/lers-ros-thai-san-francisco


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