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“Don’t Know Why” – Norah Jones

My BF got a new camera! He’s into filmography and so he bought a Canon recently. These are just test photos along as my OOTD photos. 🙂 This was a very relaxed day so I put on some comfortable jeans from Old Navy, my awesome Jurassic Park baseball tee, and my Yomiuri Giant’s hat.

Being bottom heavy, it’s hard for me to find jeans that fit.. The best place for me to find good fitting jeans is Old Navy. They have specific jeans for curvy women so that makes my life 10x easier. They also have awesome jeggings. I have a black pair and wish I could wear them everyday.

My favorite piece out of this outfit is my Yomiuri hat. Yomiuri Giants is a baseball team in Tokyo, Japan that is modeled after the San Francisco Giants. When I lived in Japan and learned this, I was surprised and excited. I went to the Tokyo Dome where their home team plays and visited the fan store. I bought Matthew and I these cool hats. I tend to wear them to SF giants games and no one recognizes the logo. Although, after the park we went to eat sushi and there was a Japanese man that did stare at my hat and go “oh!”. Pretty cool.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far!

Outfit details below:
 Baseball Cap – Yomiuri Giants from Tokyo Dome
Top – Jurassic Park baseball shirt (gift from bf)
Pants – Blue mid-wasted jeans from Old Navy $15 sale!
Shoes – Nike from Sports Authority $65
Backpack – Fjallraven Kanken Backpack (gift from bf)



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