2nd Interview

About a month ago I quit my job due to being stressed and unmotivated to work for my company. I decided to be unemployed for some time to get my life together. It was nice for the first two weeks and then I began to feel stressed again because I could not get a single interview and kept getting emails denying me.

So after my friend told me about how she contacted a recruiter and was able to get a job, I decided to ask for help. Exactly a week ago, I went to the recruiter’s office and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, all that I wanted was to gain experience and get a full time job. It didn’t matter if it was temporary or contract. I just wanted to get my foot in the door somewhere.

I met most of the recruiters in the office and they were all super friendly and interested in me. After leaving the office, I felt better about myself. Then an hour later I got a text asking to attend an interview on Friday. I was feeling nervous but accepted. I went to the interview and it went a lot better than I thought it would go. The manager was super friendly and very passionate about working for the company. Completely different than my last manager.. But yeah. Strangely enough everyone seemed to love working there. So I got pretty excited and wanted to do well.

Yesterday I got a text from my recruiter asking to go to a second interview for the next day (today). I was so happy. I went today feeling a bit nervous, but the manager sat with me before being interviewed by his boss and told me to stay calm. 🙂 And again it went well! So I met most of the receptionists there and felt shocked of how friendly and outgoing everyone was.. I’m on the shy side.. but I hope I get comfortable with everyone!

I’m not officially hired until I turn in a few documents, but I’m excited to start and step out of my comfort zone. And I’m super grateful for everyone who helped me along the way. I didn’t think I could get a job in less than a week with a recruiter


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