Pampanguena Cuisine



Kamayan – Apattan – Plate for four!friends


Halo-Halo – Shaved Ice dessert with evaporate milk, jello, fruit, red beans, ube, and topped with mango/ube/vanilla ice cream


Turon – Banana and Jackfruit wrapped in spring roll wrapper. It is fried and topped with sugar.

Date: Friday, March 11, 2016

Restaurant: Pampanguena Cusine

Location: 4441 Mission St. San Francisco

Rating: 8 out of 10

My friends and I went out for Filipino food for this week’s food vlog! I eat authentic Filipino food all the time so I wanted to pick a restaurant that was Kamayan-style since I have never been. Kamayan food is basically grilled/bbq meat/fish/veggies eaten with rice and eaten with your hands! Although.. I was the only who ate with their hands.

There was so much food. I am not going to talk about each and one of them, but just my favorites. Out of the whole platter I really liked the grilled pork, salted egg, and the eggplant. I never tried the squid because I thought it might be tough. I’m not a fan of tough foods.. And no one wanted to eat the poor tilapia. He just look so sad there not being eaten.

Dessert was also really good too! I had Halo-Halo! Very satisfying! And we also ordered Turon which was very sweet and crispy! The cost of food was not bad at all here! We were served A TON of food and only had to pay about $12 each. 🙂

The service was great as well! They were very accommodating and friendly. The food came out quite fast which was awesome.. but yeah! Going to keep this post short and simple since I made a vlog to it. 🙂

Thanks for reading! Please watch video below!


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