Things happen for a reason

They say things happen for reason, but I still get sad anyway.

Point is. I didn’t get the job. I passed all the interviews, met the team, and turned in my diploma, but I decided to be a responsible and tell the company about my vacation NINE months from now. I mean it’s completely understandable that the vacation request would be denied because it’s during the holidays when all the employees with seniority want to take vacation also. It’s just the fact that they still wouldn’t hire me even when I offered to cancel the vacation; it really bugged me. They say they feel bad for me to go through the trouble and money of me canceling my flights.

*sigh* I don’t know. I was upset because I really liked the company and loved their benefits.. But maybe something better will come along. Matthew tries to cheer me up and uses our apartment as an example of “things happen for a reason”.

When Matthew and I were trying to move out of our tiny studio, I was completely stressed out. The market has risen over 50% and getting a place with the crazy competition out there was impossible. We had finally found this two bedroom apartment. It had a great about of space, parking, storage, and was still commutable to the city. The only problem was that we had two cats and not just one. So we were taken out of consideration, even though the landlord had made it seem like it was ours. I was sad for the longest time.

But! If we weren’t denied, we wouldn’t have found our now one bedroom spacious apartment for a cheaper price! I mean parking is awful… but we don’t have to lie about our cats. Plus I think this apartment is bigger! And the downside to the two bedroom place was that the landlord’s parents lived downstairs.

Anyway.. point is that I shouldn’t be so upset. Something will come along maybe even better. I’m still in my “I don’t know what I want to do in my life” phase, so I shouldn’t rush into a career. I’ll see what happens.. It always works out.


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