Flashback Friday Post!

Sometimes I like to look at old posts and reminisce. I also like to make fun of myself.. Can you believe I posted this 7 years ago? I wrote this when I was in the Philippines. It’s been that long sinceI’ve been there! 😥

April 1, 2009

Philippines 5:18pm
California 2:18am

Omg.. I have been internet deprived for sooo long! I’ve been having withdrawls! well n e ways. it is day sixteen. wow. tmrw i’m leaving! thank goodness. i’m terribly home-sick. Although, i know i’ll be soo stressed when i go back. day after i come back, it’s time for the fashion show. i have no shoes! geez.. idk what to do. plus i missed a week of school, and prom is coming. i don’t even wanna go anymore..

but yeah my day. today was just going to be a chilax day of packing, but then tito boy knocked on our door at 6:30 in the morning! he said inay was sick. so we drove two hours to indang to visit her. she seemed fine, just a little weaker than usual. so there we chilled for a couple of hours. i played with Lean and Ayer. haha they’re cool. and then they showed me their hamsters! they were sooo cute! and we gave them baths. haha.

after that, we said our final goodbyes and went to tito boy’s other property in Tagaytay. it’s just this tiny lot, but they grow food there. tito boy is sooo awesome. he has like this family living there to take care of his land RENT FREE! i mean it works out both ways- tito boy has someone taking care of his land and the family gets to live there. just the bonus part is that the family gets to sell the crops and whatever they make is THEIRS! soo the family is soo thankful everytime he comes to visit, they give him crops and today they offered him a puppy! omg it was kawaii!!! tito boy is bringing it home next week. i won’t be here. :/ yeah tito boy is cool. he does this kind of exchange in his other property in indang. he’s helping people! 😀

yup so after that we went to the store and said goodbye to tita odet and tito eli. then we dropped off tito rody. he gave us filipino candy. it was quite tastey. he was so HAPPY when i said i liked it! 🙂 then i packed all my stuff into my balikbayan box.. i bought quite a decent amount of stuff.. haha not like my dad tho! soo much crap! yeah.. and soo i had to hide my asian dvds cause i don’t know if they’re pirated! if they are and if i get caught by security, then i’ll get in trouble and they’ll take them AWAY! noo! i’ll be soo upset. but yeah.. i failed at finding hana kimi! 😦 maybe they have those kind of dvds at china town in sf.. but it won’t be soo cheap. blah!

hmm… it’s the end of my vacation. idk if i should be sad or happy. i did have fun tho.. well i guess.. i mean i saw my family! that was cool. 🙂 i wanna come and visit them again in 2 or 3 years from now. hopefully my parents will buy a house in tagaytay. that would be cool. yeah.. well imma eat!
DAY 16


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