Flashback Friday #1 | College Crush

Oh.. 18 year old Meliza! -__-”

April 12, 2010

Gahh.. I failed.

On Thursday, Catie and I took the bus. We were at the second to last bus stop at my school. So when we got to the last stop, a really cute guy sat kinda facing towards us. I was like “Catie, that guy is really cute!”. He looked towards us. -_- I hope he didn’t hear me! Catie said he was alright, but I believe he was still cute. We kept making eye contact.. so I stopped looking in his direction. The bus got to the Bart. I remember he got off real fast and walked to the same platform I go to! I was debating if I wanted to go in the same cart as him, but didn’t. I sat in the next cart.. but I somehow could still see him thru the glass doors. I wondered where he was from because I was like… I cooooouuullllddd need a new cute bart commuter.. Haha.. But cheahh.. I lost him at the transfer station. :/

Today, I had work. It was an alright day… Until I saw this really cute guy.. I was like “Brittany, that guy is really cute!” Then I noticed he kept looking at me.. I felt so nervous! Like why is he looking at me?! So I avoided eye contact! Then after he left.. I was like to myself “That guy and the guy I saw on the bart… they look alike.. omg! are they the same person!” I didn’t know.. So yeah. Lupe made me go on break before her. So Brittany and I were cleaning outside. Cute guy and his family were eating at the restaurant.. And they were leaving.. So I headed to their table to clean the table next to them.. He approached me… OMG! x_x

It was something like this..
“Hey I’ve seen you around on Bart.”
Me- Really?
Me- Oh! you go to Cal state?!
“No…just kidding. Yeah I do.”
Me- Oh… haha that’s cool. (???)
I suck.. I grabbed the child high chair and walked away making the most nervous embarrassing face ever! They didn’t see it.. But that’s how I ended our conversation! I’m such a failure! ughh.. I’m a rude girl. I didn’t even ask for his name.. Blah.. I hope to see him again so I can redeem myself. I shall wait at the bus stop at the same time and hope to see him!

I told Matt about all this and he said it was like an Asian drama scene! Haha.. I guess? Not really? But is this my wish coming true?? I doubt it… But least I can look forward to Tuesday.. Wish me luck! ”


I did see him at school. And he was a senior? I was Freshmen.. We ended up taking Bart together once. Then I hung out with him and his brother at their house? He brought me wingstop for the first time and I fell in love with lemon pepper wings. Ahaha. After that, we realized we were so different and didn’t really talk again. 2 years later, I ran into him crossing the bay bridge. He spotted me in a car 5 lanes away and screamed my name. That’s the last I have ever seen him. HAHAHA.


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