This weekend was quite a busy one!

Friday. I watched my nephew Luca all day. He wasn’t his usual cheerful playful self. He was actually extremely grumpy and cried out of nowhere. He didn’t even want to go outside! 😦 He pretty much slept all day. Then later on Matthew and I met up with Pipa, Iris, Michael, and Angelica and had homeroom cause Pipa has never been. Afterwards we hung out at our place and played N64 and Uno. Pretty chill night.


Saturday. Matthew and I went to Richmond for his baby cousin’s baptism. Then we ate at this fancy restaurant called Skates by the Bay. Everything was amazing! I was so full, but trying so hard to eat everything. Then we went on a mission to find Korean Spicy Ramen! Luckily we found a tiny Korean shop and they had them! We had the challenge at Andrew’s house. It was fun and super spicy! But then the night got super weird. I realized I was the only sober one. Hahah!

a b c

Sunday. Matthew and I went to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf to hang out with his family. We were tourists for a day.

d e f


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