The cat children have FLEAS. 

Ugh. It’s so gross. I vacuumed twice today, ripped the sheets off our bed, and took everything to be cleaned. Not to mention I gave the cats a long bath. They hate me. Especially Han (on the right), he clawed the !@#%! out of my arms. Then I had to pick out the fleas with a flea comb. I couldn’t see any on Oz (on left).. cause he’s so dark. There had to be at least 30 fleas that I killed.

Ahhh this is my fault. I let the kitties go outside sometimes.. And one time I found Ozwald laying in the grass. -__- I stopped letting them go outside because I need to get them vaccinated and put anti-flea medicine in their fur. I guess I was TOO LATE! T.T

The kitties have been causing Matthew and I bit of stress lately. I brought Oz to the vet last week because he’s been having a lot of physical and behavioral problems. :/ Both kitties have lifelong illnesses.. It’s unfortunate, but common for rescued cats. It’s also unfortunate for our bank accounts.

I hope they get better. We have to wash and vacuum everything. Also give them a million baths. Not to mention! They both have cat anxiety so we had to buy this special diffuser for them and need to buy replacements each month. -__- WHAT DO CATS STRESS ABOUT?! (they took after me…) But you know when they’re stressed when Oz urinates in places he’s not allowed to or when Han scratches up the couch or has infection outbreaks on his eyes. :/

It’s a bummer that they’re always sick.. I can’t bring Kyoshi (my cat) around because I don’t want to him to catch their illnesses. Plus my parents won’t let me. Like legitly won’t let my own cat live with me. It made sense when I lived in a studio cause it was too small and Kyoshi wouldn’t be able to go outside.. But now we have a bigger place! 😥

*Sigh*… I miss my fat black cat. 😥


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