Flashback Friday Post #2 | CSUEB Daysss

April 28, 2011

“Today, didn’t start off on the right foot.

Alexis is flaking on me again. We’re supposed to have a sleep-over on Saturday. I mean I can still have it.. but I want everyone here.. I was pretty sad. This is like the hundredth time.. So I haven’t seen her in like a month.. I’m sure she would rather see her bf anyways.. I felt like I had no friends after that.

Then I got a C on my Philosophy quiz.. I thought I did well.. blahh. Then it was time for basketball and my allergies started acting up. Today was sunny, but super windy.. My worst nightmare! It was time to get picked on teams, I was like “Time to get picked last!” Then the teacher pulled out all the girls including me and made us team captains. *Shocker* I picked Mason and Andrew. I think I had a good team going.. I’m just terrible at basketball… -__- I feel like such a burden.. But heeeyy… it’s for fun right?? -____-

I had my break. I didn’t even bother calling Kahi because he never answers his phone. So I ate alone, but some girl I always see on Bart came up to me and ask to sit next to me… (There were a BIJILLION seats in the Union). I didn’t talk to her.. I should have, but I was too into my Kdrama.

Computer Science… I did not pay attention AT ALL! I’m a terrible student.. Then I called Kahi to see if he was going to this event at our school for free breakfast for dinner. He was already there! I got there and the food was GONE. 😦 I was pretty sad. Then we saw Steve! I told him how I was sad there was no more food and I was hungry. He told me hold on and grabbed this plate with a lid on it.. I was like “It’s empty huh?” I opened it and there was a full breakfast there! I was surprised and he said it was for me. ^_^ I was sooo HAPPY! And so grateful. I ate it.. mmmm.. Then he gave me and Kahi a ride to Bart. I was so thankful towards him. He is such a gentlemen. That’s what I admire about him. Gentlemen are the best.

Anyway, I’m at the apartment. About to watch my dramas and study! Soooo… JANAI!


I miss Cal State East Bay. I met all my friends in the cafeteria or on the bus. Everyone was super friendly. Then I transferred to SFSU and it was hipster town and no one wanted to be there..

I also miss Kahi and Steve! T.T Kahi is being cool with a design job and Steve is MARRIED. How funny..


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