On Fridays, I usually watch baby all day. He’s a handful and it’s quite tiring to watch him. When he naps, I nap. I’m not ready for kids!! Ahaha. Later, we celebrated Mark’s 25th birthday. We did face masks and partied like old times. I can’t believe how old our group is getting.. I met everyone when I was 19 and now I’m turning 25.

I used to be the youngest and I had to have the older friends buy me drinks! Now the youngest in our group is 20 and Matthew is turning 27 this year! Matthew and Jess are 7 years can you believe that?

IMG_2483 a IMG_2510

“Mole people! Mole people! Look like mole. Talk like people!”


On Saturday, we were supposed to go to picnic day in Davis. But it was hot and no one wanted to drive that far. Instead, a few of us got some pho and made macrons. Well Tokki made them.. and they were AWESOME.


On Sunday, Matthew and I bathed the kitties. We feel so bad for them.. but we need to get rid of all the fleas!! We’re flea bombing the house on Tuesday.. So hopefully they all disappear. Later, Matthew and I went on a nice hike since the weather has been so perfect. We also haven’t been couple bonding in a while. It was fun!

c IMG_2507 IMG_2496 IMG_2506

Thanks for reading!


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