Me diet? Pfft.. Have you seen me eat?

Anyway..  over the weekend I was talking to my super fit friend and he inspired me to take my diet more seriously. So! this is a post about my battle with trying not eat everything in sight.

fat12009! 150 pounds?

The only time I have been fit was when I was a Freshmen in HS (2006?). I was on the basketball team and was weighing in at 120. After I hit puberty and gained 10 pounds each year. By Freshmen/Sophomore year in college I was weighing in at around 155. >.<

My weight has always been up and down, but I managed to get down to an average of 140-145 no matter how much I eat. As of now, I’m trying to get a summer bod going on, but it’s so difficult for me because I LOVE TO EAT and have NO self-control.

So I had to find a diet that helps me with my self-control.. And I did!

I have gotten into fasting! It’s not really a diet, but it helps me control when to eat. But of course I diet on top of that. I control what I eat by counting calories. MyFitnessPal is awesome.


I do what is called Intermittent Fasting. There’s different types of fasting, but I do the 16/8 fasting on weekdays. Basically… I have a food window and I can only eat for 8 hours of the day and 16 hours of the day I fast. It’s really not that bad because in those hours I’m either sleeping or working out.

I also have two cheat days (Sat&Sun) and fast for 24 hours on Mondays.. I had to adjust this because I tend to overeat on the weekends, so my Mondays usually make up for my mistakes. It also gives my digestive system a break.

It might sound intense for me to be fasting.. but it’s the only method I found to work and I’m not miserable.

I am almost happy with my body. I’m not fat or anything, I just want to have a nice summer body for once. Plus I have a cosplay I need to fit in next month! >.<


Thanks for reading! 🙂


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