There has been so much going on at the moment..

Yesterday was a better day than today. We got a new couch! And the cats love it more than we do. As soon as we got the couch, Han jumped on it and did not leave it til 3 hours later.

couch 13072192_10153640191473736_652372249_o han

Now we have two couches in our living room. It’s nice.. Our place just feels smaller and we don’t have many people come over to have that many seats. We’re trying to get rid of our old couch.. but it’s a problem I have to worry about next week, because this week is to crazy for me with the cats having fleas.

Today… was not a good day. Matthew and I prepared our home for a flea bombing to kill EVERYTHING. We had to put the cats in the car, but OZ was being difficult. So I needed two hands and put my phone on top of the car. Then I ran over to the other side to put Han in. After, I realized I was driving and just hopped in the car and drove off.

Midway to dropping off Matthew at Bart, I realized I left my phone on top of the car. We were already feeling stressed having to deal with so much in the morning. I got back to the apartment and walked the block. That’s when I found my phone case and phone in pieces. My $600 iPhone! RIP.

Photo on 4-20-16 at 9.20 AM

Walking back home I realized a lost a lot of pictures.. but then wondered why I gave so much into materialistic things. I tried to make a claim on my phone insurance, but they needed my dad to verify the account via phone. And I was like WTF my dad is DEAF. So they are making him go into the store. Thank you so much AT&T for being so accommodating to people with disabilities.

Ugh.. what a mess.. But yeah all while this was going on, I had to give the cats a third and final bath. vacuum, put the couch together, and put everything in it’s place. I have so much anxiety right now. :/ Blogging about it helps though. Makes me realize that I complain too much and my iPhone being broken does not mean it’s the end of the world.

You’ll be okay Meliza.


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