I’m back!

And I am currently in bed eating fried rice and watching Sailor Moon. I won’t talk about my diet right now.. Hahaha. Well this a somewhat long post about my fun trip to LA!

Thursday. Matthew took Thursday and Friday off so we left on Thurday early afternoon and got in LA at about 6! Pretty early! 🙂 We got to our hotel and it was ghetto, but we needed a cheap place near the city. After settling down we went to eat KBBQ at Castles and met up with Law.


Later, we hopped into Law’s car and he gave us a tour of LA. He took us to this place in Little Tokyo with cool hallway lights. It was like we were in Drake’s Hotline Bling.



Then Law took us to the LA River. It was so cool! We had to drive thru this small tunnel to get in and we had to keep a look out for cops. So thrilling! And it was exciting to be in a place where movies/shows have been filmed.


Friday. Matthew and I woke up early to go to the Broad museum! We have a thing for museums! It’s fun to look at art and hearing another person’s perspectives. Here are a ton of photos we took. Our favorite was Yayoi Kusama’s Mirror Room. We actually went in twice because the first time I felt so pressured to take photos/videos in only 45 sec that my stuff turned out horrible.. The second time I went in, I only spent 10 seconds taking photos and allowed myself to really enjoy the room.

I realized social media and trying to document everything takes away from enjoying things in present time. :/ I was just lucky enough to go into the room a second time.




IMG_1286 2

Later, we went to this dessert place I’ve been wanting to try called Milk. I have weak spot for desserts..


Then we drove 45 minutes to a place called Melt it! in Pasadena. I follow a bunch of food places on IG (because I’m a fatass) and this is one of the places I really wanted to go to.


Then we met up with Law again. We went to the Griffith Observatory Center which is on top of this hill. You can see all of LA from the top! It was also a learning center for astronomy. I learned a lot about the earth’s orbit. It was a great learning experience!



Afterwards, we ate tacos for dinner. Mmm… Then Law had to go so Matthew and I  went to a really cool brewery called Angel City Brewery.


Saturday. We slept in a bit and were tired from the day before. We then decided to go to Little Tokyo to walk around and find something to eat. We ended up finding this really cool store called PopKiller Second. They had a bunch of cool sunglasses, cat stuff, and cool thrifted items. It felt like the urban thrift stores I went to in Japan. Very cool. I tried not to buy anything. >.<



Then we got some really good Japanese Food at restaurant called Ebisu. You know the first time I ate Japanese curry was in Japan? I wondered why it took me so long to try it! But this meal was very nostalgic.


Afterwards we drove to Lawndale and hung out with ‘Da Bois’ (sp?) There were so many cats and kittens there! I was so happy. But my allergies were kicking in because they were outdoor cats (cats like to roll in grass in dirt).



Then we had a huge feast at Lucille’s BBQ because Dennis had a gift card, but it turned into a birthday dinner for Dennis. 11

Then afterwards, Matthew and I rushed to LACMA Lights to meet up with Daniel and Law. We took a bunch of pictures and spent a good 3 hours on catching up. Spending the time with the two of them was probably one of the most fun parts of this trip. I miss my friends.



We didn’t get to the hotel til 2am and woke up Sunday around 9am and left for the bay at 10am. We got home right before 4pm, which was nice because we had time to unpack, clean, and rest.

But yeah! It was a fun trip! Wish I had more time to hit up all my friends, but we’ll be coming back! 🙂 Thank you Matthew for this trip! It was nice to get away from the pressure of finding a job.

Also, a vlog for this trip will be coming up sometime this week in case some of you aren’t much of readers! Ahah.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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