This post was basically my entire trip in Japan. I was super happy being independent and hanging out with my friends in the world’s most awesome country! :’)

I miss Japan so muuuchhhh! But it was also my friends that made Japan super memorable for me. This was the best experience I could have ever asked for.


Golden Weekend.

bb tumblr_n54vlpbd7m1tv73qwo6_1280 tumblr_n5fmnmjR9r1tv73qwo10_500Saturday, May 3, 2014 (Day#36)
I met up with Melinda at school and then we headed to the Tokyo dome! It only took about 30 minutes. We got there and there were hundred of people dressed up for the occasion. It was crazy. I felt underdressed. We then found the place to buy merchandise. I got a Big Bang shirt. I really wanted this flannel but it was $60! I’m okay… Haha then we went inside and found our seats.

We tried taking pics but got in trouble. So we’re like.. Let’s just take selfies and got in trouble for that too! Haha! The concert was AWESOME! I’m going to post the set list up after this.. But gosh.. Big Bang is sooo cute! TOP went out of character and he is just the cutest!! 2ne1 was also awesome. They were so… Sexy! Except Dara! She’s super cute. Just being at the concert made me want to live my dream.. Of being a kpop star. I wish. :/

There were other groups there too. Epik high, Winner, team b, and Lee hi. Which were alright… Half of them were like 16-17. I felt weird watching them trying to be cute and sexy. Hahaha Lee hi was like really timid too which was weird cause in her music video she’s like super confident. But yeah.. In the second half of the show all the groups did covers for the other band’s songs. It was super cute! My favorite was when Big Bang did 2ne1’s I love you. They were playing around and being girly.

It was a really good show and I was sad it was over.. I promise myself I will see Big Bang again! Except I want to see them in the US. Cause they were only speaking Japanese here. Haha. Id rather it just be Big Bang solo tho. 🙂 mm yeah! After the show Melinda and I ate KFC and headed back to the dorm. It was good day.

Sunday, May 4, 2014 (#37)

I actually slept in today!! I woke up at 10:30. I talked for matty for a bit and then too the train myself to Roppongi to meet up with Melinda, Boyoung, and Sreya. It’s nice having a phone. I can around just fine. The train system is so much easier now. We met up at Roppongi hills. Melinda and Boyoung with to the Andy Warhol while Sreya and I did our own thing. We went to a flea market and this tv production place? We got these flan thingys and had to get 9 stamps at different locations. Then we went to this rally thingy. You move this machine thingy and a bean comes out. If it’s orange you win a folder. I won. That was cool.

Afterwards Sreya and I went to a book store. Then we didn’t know what to do. We sat outside for a good hour waiting for boyoung and Melinda. Finally they came out and we ate. I had udon. I love udon. After we went and got ice cream and went to the book store. Then we headed back to the dorm. It was an alright day. 🙂

Monday, May 5, 2014 (#38)

I met up with the girls.. It’s now given that the group I’m in consists of Boyoung, Melinda, and Sreya. Ahaha But yeahhh went to Korea town! At first I had no idea where we were going and just went with the flow. It’s crazy how well I know Boyoung’s and Melinda’s back of the head. Ahaha (I’m a follower). But yeah we got to the location and I was like… BIG BANNNGGGGG?! Yup we were definitely in Korea Town. We ate at this Korean restaurant and man.. I wish it was all you can eat. Because I can eat Korean food for DAYS… mmhmm.. Then afterwards we had Korean Ice Cream.. It was basically a weird shaped churro that was ice cream filled. It was amazing.. It tasted like cereal.. I want more.

Hmm.. then we stopped by a few stores and I felt so excited. A bunch of the stores played my favorite Big Bang music videos. I was soo happy. Haha then we left to go to Shimokitazawa? It’s basically thrift town. I didn’t find much.. and I’m a fast shopper so I was like meeehhh most of the time. The things I did like were too expensive for me though. Ahh I just want to dress cute but at a cheaper price.

Errr anyway. I had baskin robbins after. I’m obsessed… Then we went back and had gyoza and fried rice at this chinese restaurant. I don’t think I could ever get sick of gyoza, fried rice, and ice cream. Can I just stay here and get fat?

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014(#39)

Today wasn’t much of a day. I woke up and did things on my to-list. I’m trying to make sure everything is okay at my home university. Blehhh it’s complicated and I don’t feel like talking about school. I mostly talked to Matty. We had a date and watched Anime. I also did some homework.

Later, I walked down to the train station and explored that area a little more. Didn’t realize I lived so close to a Uniqlo. mmhmm.. Then I went grocery store and bought the necessities.. I need to save my monies or more important things.. like clothes and ice cream..

I came back to the dorm and made dinner. Corned beef with eggs, boiled eggs, and gyoza. I’m going to live off that for the rest of the trip! ohhh and onigiri’s of course.. I’m not sick of them yet! They’re perfect though.. perfect for on the go, fills my tummy, and only costs 100 yen.. which is like $1. I’m a broke college student.. and always will be.


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