The week went by so fast and so did the weekend. Now it’s Monday and I still feel like poop.

Friday. I worked a receptionist gig. It was an 8 hour shift and I sat at the front desk literally doing nothing. The phone only rang like 10 times the entire day and I starred at my notebook the whole time.. I also had data entry work, but it got done pretty fast..

Afterwards, Matty sent me an uber and it dropped me off at the movies. We watched Keanu which is Key and Peele’s new movie about them saving a cat from drug dealers. Probably one of the funniest movies I’ve seen. The whole time I was either laughing at the stupid jokes or going “awww.. ” cause the kitten was so cute! It was a good movie. I highly recommend it.

Then we walked back home. I was gonna order a pizza, but I told myself no.. and worked out. Blehhh.. Later, Matthew and I watched a Japanese horror movie, and I fell asleep.

Saturday. Matthew and I cleaned and I released my newest vlog that no one watched! Ahah oh well. I like making those videos for myself anyway. Then we drove out to Benicia to get ready to go to Fresno for Alexis’ birthday. It was a really fun party! The theme was squad so me, Matt, Mark and Brye dressed up as Hawaiian Greasers. We even had a special chant, Hawaiian names, and backstories.

But yeah! Great party! SoCal was there! Da bois are a fun group to hang out with. I also met a ton of new friends! Most of them being girls too! I was really shy.. but I told myself I need to introduce myself to these people and everyone was surprisingly really nice! :’) I’m intimidated by most girls so for them to be super friendly to me and ask for my social media was really cool.

For some reason my nationality kept coming up and most people thought I was either White or Mexican. No one ever guesses I’m Filipino. But it was funny. The night was really long and we didn’t get to bed til 6am. Kristy was nice for letting us stay. She even set up a bed for Matthew and I!

1a 1b 1c 1f

Sunday. I woke up at 9am.. I’m a morning person so I naturally wake up that early no matter how late I slept. :/ But yeah SoCal was already awake. So I hung out with them and we talked about the night before. I also played with Kristy’s adorable cats. :’)

Later, we went to get some Pho. The entire day I felt like shit. I had lost my voice, was sleep deprived, and hungover. The Pho made me feel a bit better, but I felt so blehhh. After, we took some pics and went home. Thank goodness Brye drove home because Matthew and I weren’t feeling good at all. By the time we got to Benicia, my voice was gone completely and I could not talk.

I usually lose my voice at parties, but I have never lost my voice for this long.. IT’S STILL GONE! But yeahh.. I’m just drinking tea hoping I’ll get my voice back..

Well! That was my weekend! Thanks for reading!



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