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“Parking Lots” – The Plums

This is a forgotten OOTD post. This is an outfit I took last week in LA!  Matthew actually edited the top photo for me. He wanted me to look pretty/cool! Hahaha

Anyway, Matthew and I went to LACMA Lights to meet up with Daniel and Law. It was the perfect outfit to wear in LA’s weather. It was breezy, but still warm! So a long skirt was the way to go!

I got this skirt at the thrift store some time ago. I love wearing the color maroon and long skirts, so this skirt was the right match for me! I didn’t even have to alter it. It was a great find. 🙂

As for shoes.. these are actually my work shoes, but they’re so freakin’ comfortable. I wear them all the time! Comfort over beauty anytime!

Thanks for reading!

OOTD Details:

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Thrifted! ($5 at most!)



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