Update- Unemployment

I’ve been feeling a bit down lately.. I have been unemployed for about 3 months now. One month longer than I expected. My mood has been up and down these past months. Some days I am given hope and feeling optimistic, then there’s just days where my recruiters don’t hit me up. I feel like my original recruiters have just given up on me.. So I am back at square one.

My optimism to finding a job was given a huge hit, when I was basically offered a REALLY GREAT job then come to find out they won’t hire due to a vacation I had booked 9 months from now.. They say things happen for a reason, but because I was given that opportunity, I declined another good job.. leaving me with no job.

I have been feeling quite useless at home. I can’t really provide, nor have enough money to pay my own bills. I am truly trying my best.. and now I’ve become desperate. I’m willing to do one-day assignments at a huge pay cut just so that I am getting some sort of income..

I feel like this is a low for me.. I don’t contact my old co-workers or even see my family as much as I want to because I feel so ashamed for doing nothing with my life. I don’t want to be judged or pitied.. because I am doing the best that I can. That’s why I feel so discouraged on most days..

I apologize for this post for being so personal.. The only way I feel better is if I let myself go and type what I feel at the moment. I decided to discontinue my livejournal at this time.. After putting two and two together, I found my private posts were read. Yeahh.. won’t get into it. But I’m thankful I have supportive friends who didn’t call me stupid. Ahaha.

But yeah.. going to keep my head up. Something will come along.


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