Flashback Friday #4 | Meeting the Friends

The day I met half my best friends now..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

OMG.. I was so pissed. I got off bart. Saw Harrf ahead of me. Tried to walk faster. The bus was there. He got on it. Right when I got to the door the bus driver closed the door in my FACE! I was like WTF! And he left! ASSHOLE! I was soo pissed! I threw my shit onto the bench and had to sit there for another 20 minutes! Then this black guy hit on me. :/ but cheah.I went to Philosophy! Wow! Lauren my classmate was like “You’re in class?!” haha. Then I had a two hour break. I worked stuff for PCN. Then comm.. It was alright. Got to talk to Mason! He has soo much swag! oh my.. After it was PCN. There was soo much tension in there cause.. yeah. I hate that class. don’t wanna talk about it.

After school, I met up with Julian and Jonathan at bart. The bus was late. X( Yeah then we finally got onto Bart. I’m starting to like Jonathan more. He knows I’m not really into the stuff he likes so he talks about it less.. haha! I got to the apartment and chilled for a bit. Matt picked me up and we got to DVC to watch a talent show. It was cool. After we went to Denny’s. I met all his friends! So many! and they were crazy! HAHA I loved it! Then we ate. Matt and I shared an Oreo Sundae. It was hella good!

After, we hung out in the parking lot for like two hours. It was fun cause all his friends are like bboys! He had two cute friends. Brye and Preciant? Brye is afgan! He looks white with asian eyes.. soo cute! he was really outgoing too! He had a gf. :/ (UPDATE: GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!)

His other friend could REALLY dance! and you can tell he was sooo passionate about it. It was very much attractive. Too bad he’s short. haha. It was soo cold out there.. burr Iris and I shared Matt’s twilight blanket. HAHA. mmm I saw Matt dance a little bit. It was really cool. Haha! then his friend Lil’ Mark danced for days! His facial expressions were PRICELESS! I could not stop laughing! omgeee.. Lil’ Mark is hella cool. He knows everyone from the hill somehow!

Then we went to go drop off Brye. We chilled at a park near Brye’s house. It was fun. I did a flip on the swing. Then we chilled on the basketball court and looked at stars. We dropped off sidney after. And off to my house! It seemed like a really short drive. But cheahh.. I had a lot of fun! and I didn’t get home til 2:30! My mom smelled my breath.. wtf. I went to bed after.

I woke up around 5 and got hella texts from Matt. He was scared apparently. What a baby. He called me and it was a weird conversation. Cause I was half asleep and he was soo sleepy that I couldn’t understand him. HAHA.


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