The days are just flying so fast!!

Friday. I had a second interview this day that went well and I got a job offer. After, I went home and Matthew got off early, so we went to Safeway to buy cake mix and I made Strawberry brownies.. They were really good, just so sweet! I felt a sick sugar high every time I ate one. Then we went to watch Civil War with a couple of friends and it was GOOD! So much action packed in one movie! Plus Peter Parker’s character was perfect!

Saturday. I woke up early to clean and I made spaghetti. I don’t think I ever sleep in.. But yeah, this day Matthew and I went to Andrew’s house to work on our cosplays. Tokki and Mark were being super helpful! I’m just nervous about actually wearing mine out. I don’t show any skin when I go out. Later, we had a bonfire that probably only lasted 10 min.. then we stuffed our faces with brownies. >.<

Sunday. In the morning I worked on my last minute mother’s day gift. I made a slideshow video for her which she ended up appreciating.. I wish I could have bought her something, but I’ve been broke. We ended up eating at this Thai restaurant. It was really good except my dad ordered too much food! He always does that.. Afterwards, we went back to Faye’s to watch Dark Shadows.

Young Johnny Depp has been trending in my life as of late.. He’s so handsome! But yeah.. that was my weekend!

Currently, I am sitting on my daybed feeling super tired. I had a good 9 hours of sleep last night, but I’m exhausted.. I had my coffee, but it didn’t do me any good. I also have an interview and training in two hours. Need. to. wake. up.

Anyway, I am really hoping to do well in today’s interview. I found this job on my own. It’s for an administrative coordinator for a non-profit organization, which I think I am qualified for! Plus it’s in Oakland and I can commute there by car. They have great benefits and a ton of PTO. It is the ideal job for me.

But after my interview, I have to rush to the city for training for another position. My recruiter recommends I start working for this other company part-time while looking for a full-time job. This company seems to like me as well, so I decided to go with it and figure out my full time situation after today’s interview.

Anyway, I should be preparing for my interview. Thanks for reading!



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