Migraines and Social Media Cleanse

For some time I muted all my group chats. Everyone started to become irritable to me for some reason.. And I started to feel like no one cared if I spoke in the chats anyway. I started to hate myself for thinking badly of people or assuming things so I deactivated my FB and deleted my messenger, Twitter, and Snapchat apps. 

I don’t know how long this will last. Without FB I have no Spotify and it sucks! I tried to log in my account, but it reactivated my FB each time! So annoying. But yeah, it’s nice to be away from people and their opinions. 

This week I started my part time job. I also interviewed for a position I really wanted, but they didn’t get back to me.. I felt discouraged of course. But I’m trying to be optimistic and am thankful for this part time opportunity. My part time job is in the city. Very cool company with nice employees. I just help out the showroom manager. Pretty easy admin job. 

Today I was as productive as I could be. Then 30 minutes before my shift ended I got one of the worst migraines. I saw rings of light and was basically blind. I couldn’t read anything on my phone or computer. Then I got a throbbing headache and felt nasceous. The Bart ride home was bad too.. I was getting sweaty and claustrophobic. When I got to our stop I felt like vomitting. When I got home I jump into bed and napped for 10 min as Matthew made me ramen. 

In my sleep I had two brains and had two separate thoughts. It was so weird. But I fought off the migraine and felt way better after eating ramen.. Idk what’s wrong with me. I’m always exhausted but I eat healthy and exercise everyday. :/ I need to make drastic lifestyle changes. 


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