Flashback Friday #5 | 14-year-old Meliza

Being on a social media cleanse is nice. If someone really needed to contact me, they would simply just text me. That’s when you find out who your real close friends are. Tbh, if I had a myspace ‘Top 5 Friends’ list, Armi would be up there! He gets me. Too bad he lives in WA. -__-

Anywho.. I’m trying to become a better person, but I need to work on myself first before making new friends. I’m trying! It’s hard to make friends when you’re no longer in college! But yesterday I went out to sushi with Nicole and that was pretty cool. I’ll make friends eventually! FIGHTING!

Back to my weekly flashback post! Before LJ and Xanga, I used to journal in Word or in a physical journal. This is a journal entry 10 YEARS AGO! I was a sophomore in high school and my family was about to move to Arizona. Can you imagine what my life would have been like if someone actually bought our house?

Sunday, May 21, 2006


IMG_1923 IMG_1924P.S. I’m doing something pretty “crazy” this weekend.. Stay tuned! 🙂


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