Good morning!

So lately I have been trying to keep positive and keep my head up. TBH landing a job has been extremely difficult for me. Many things kept coming up that were out of my control and I was having the worst luck. But I am trying my best to believe something better will come up.

This weekend has been fun. Emotional, but fun.

Friday. I worked a 5-hour shift and found out that I was only temping for 2 weeks. I was really shocked, so I’m trying to find something fast.. Then after work, Matty and I were going to watch Keanu in theaters again, but I decided it would be better if we got beer, pizza, and watched a movie at home. We watched The Shawshank Redemption which ended up being one of the best movies I have ever seen. It’s up there in my top movies.. next to Mulan! Hahahha.

But yeah, The Shawshank Redemption was soooo good! I wanted to watch a feel good movie and it made me feel so happy and believe there’s hope. I highly recommend whoever reads this to watch it! 🙂

Saturday. I headed to Oakley to watch baby. He was being a pain and I wasn’t prepared for it that day. I was changing his diaper and he ran away. Then he peed on the bathroom floor. It was such a battle plus my allergies were so bad! Then my sisters came by and later my parents. It was nice to be around family even though I sometimes I don’t show it. But yeah, Kyoshi is always super loving whenever I go back home. I always feel sad that I can’t bring him home with me. I mean.. He IS my cat! But he’s so happy in Oakley. He gets to run around free outside and I don’t want him to catch anything our cats have at home. He’s so spoiled.. I hope he knows I’m not a bad parent and I’m doing what’s best for him. :/

Sunday. Today is Sunday! I’m doing something a bit “crazy”. Something my mom would be so mad at me about.. But it’s just one of those phases I go through, “Fuck it! I’m young!”. I said that when I dyed my hair blonde the very first time, when I decided to go pink, and when I breathed fire. Ahaha! Yup.. Matthew and I are going to Berkeley today and then back to Benicia. Lots of driving! >.<

Oh yeah! I decided to start another Instagram! This one is specifically for my polaroid obsession. I realized that I have so many polaroid photos on my original IG and that I follow a bunch of polaroid photographers. It made more sense if I made a separate account so that my feed would only consist of photography. I love it! I’m able to get inspiration and learn more about the cameras. 🙂 One day in the future, I would love to get into film cameras.. But maybe when I’m not poor! o.O

Anywho… going to enjoy my Funday Sunday!

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