I finally got my septum pierced! Oh my… What an experience!

I’ve been wanting a septum piercing for some time and have a bunch of fake septums.. I just never wore them out because I thought I’d look like a poser or a wannabe. Plus they fell out often or made me sneeze a lot. But yeah! I decided last week that I was going to just do it. I hate planning/wanting things for too long. I just got to have it.

So today Matthew and I went to Berkeley to Zebras to get it done! I walked in and there were no customers. I told them exactly what I wanted and I was up almost immediately. Some lady did it for me and I made Matthew sit right next to me so I could squeeze his hand.

The lady cleaned the inside of my nose and put a metal clamp inside the very tip of my nose. It was a hard squeeze and I already felt tears forming in my eyes. I closed my eyes. Then she asked “are you ready?” I said yes and I could feel her put the needle all the way through my septum. I squeezed Matthew’s hand super hard and tears just ran down my face. Yes, it hurt. Because I was stupid and visualized the whole thing in my head. -__-”

She then let the needle sit in my nose for a bit while she prepared the jewelry. She put it in and let me look at it. I looked at it for one second and immediately looked up at my eyes and they were bloodshot red then turned away. I asked her to invert the jewelry and my nose was still so sensitive! After that, I looked at my nose and it’s like not even there!

The process only took about 5 minutes, but I was still so shakey 10 minutes later. Don’t think I’ll get another piercing! But yeah.. Gonna leave it inverted for a couple of days then try to flip it. Ugh sounds painful already.

The employees at Zebra said I can’t change my jewelry until I’m fully healed which is 2-3 months!!! Ugh.. But I’m going to heal as fast as I can! Going to make sure I really take care of it! Iris says the healing process is nasty. I’m not looking forward to it.. But so far I don’t realize the piercing is there until I start touching my nose and then it hurts a bit.

Hopefully I can change the jewelry soon and that I can pull it off!! I’m pretty happy with it.

Ahaha here’s a pic of me soaking my piercing and me with my fake septum. I’m gonna go with a gold hoop! 🙂


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