Matty and I went to Berkeley over the weekend to get my septum piercing! We forgot how awesome Berkeley is! Thrift finds, record shops, and good food! We don’t live that far, so hopefully we’ll remember to go more often. I want to be more of an explorer and fill my Saturdays with fun adventures in nearby cities. The Bay is a beautiful place. I just need a JOB to afford this lifestyle of mine!

These were taken by my Classic Neo 90. 🙂


Mad Monk Center for Anachronistic Media | L+, No Flash


Telegraph Avenue | Automatic

Also! Please follow my new Instagram! @meziee.jpeg I’m not sure if I’ll keep the name.. We’ll see… Anywho! I’m really happy with my account! I just look at photography all day. 🙂


Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Polaroids 5 | Berkeley

  1. Great pics! I have a neo classic as well and I’m learning how to use it for my project. I like that you add what settings you use, very helpful.

    Thank you.


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