Fanime is just around the corner.. So this post is about my first Fanime experience. Your first Fanime is always your best Fanime. Plus I met Victor and Marijo this weekend. 🙂

June 1, 2011 (19** years old)

… I guess on a good note, Fanime was Fun! I miss it..

LAST DAY OF WORK. Chrissean picked me up from work and we headed there! We got my ticket.. well, technically his because he “lost” his and paid $30 for a new one for me. 🙂 So I was Chrissean all weekend long. Hmm.. then we walked around. We met up with Matt and Marijo and walked around some more. Then Chrissean and I went to put our things in the hotel. Our hotel was a two bedroom room and consisted of many many people: Me, Chrissean, Iris, Ashley, Victor, Prado, Arnold, Kidd, Jeff, Chris, Autumn, and Justin! I don’t really remember much, but Friday night was real fun! We drank in our room. Pipa, Alex, Matt, Marijom Rizza, Law, Lee and Andrew were there too! We were being too loud and got our first warning on the first night!

Then half of us headed to the rave. I believe it was me, Marijo, Matt, Andrew, Lee, and I don’t remember the rest in one elevator.. Let’s just say it was the BEST elevator ride of my life!! We were all gooonnee taking the elevator and we stopped on the 15 floor (We’re on 19). Someone came in  “WELCOME TO THE FUN ELEVATOR!!” and Matt starting singing a song and we all started singing. Then we stopped on another floor. We were like “SHHHH!!!” and were dead silent when the doors opened, but when the new person came in and the doors closed we were like “EEEEEYYYY!!” and dancing and singing some more. We stopped at almost every floor because Lee kept pushing buttons. But we finally got to the lobby. That was sooo funnnn.. The rave was tight too.. Danced for a bit and was good! We all then walked to Vic’s (this awesome mexican restaurant) and ate. It was soo good. We went back to the hotel and slept. Chrissean and I slept on the ground between the beds. It wasn’t that bad. 🙂

Let’s see. I woke up early and got early. Chrissean and I ate breakfast that we brought from home trying to save money. We looked around and took pictures with cool people cosplaying. We went to the dealer’s hall where they sell things, art gallery, gamers room, and the video part of fanime. We met up with Marijo and Matt. We spent a lot of time with them because we were double dating. We took cute Pika-pika pictures! It was fun! 😀 We then walked around a lot. Everyone was back at the hotel working on their cosplaying costumes. It was cute. I didn’t really know what they were tho.. haha. Hmm.. We ate at McDonald’s and walked to Safeway. It was pouring rain for a good 5 minutes. After, we went to watch the FLOW concert. It was pretty awesome! My first Japanese concert. 🙂 We were front row.

Then everyone had their practice for their masquerade skit. Marijo and I didn’t want to stick around so we went to Matt’s car and drank Mike’s hard liquor. That stuff is good.. We didn’t have a lot, but we were both really hyper. We listened to Perfume and wore glowsticks. We ran around the parking lot asking people for scissors because we wanted to rub glow stick liquid on our bodies… x_x Someone was willing to help us! We went to the rave (We cut like 50 people in line) cause we’re cool like that! And we danced! We were asked to danced, but denied them. Aha.. I guess that’s what we get for not being with our boyfriends..  After we went back to the hotel drank a little and everyone just left? So Chrissean and I went to sleep. We got the bed this time!

Half of everyone had to be at masquerade meetings because the masquerade was this day. Soo I spent time with my girls. I asked Ashley if she wanted to walk around with me because her and Iris have been in the hotel pretty much all weekend. Then Iris woke up and I asked her. It was the three of us and then we picked up Marijo. 🙂 YAY! We were at the dealers hall for a while and then ran into Victor. We all hung out and took pictures. Oh! We also went to McDonald’s and watched Karaoke. We had a lot of time to kill. Then Chrissean, Mark, and Matt joined us when they had a break. I bought Chrissean this cute Snake Voodoo doll and gave it to him. I felt bad, because I was being grumpy. I was hungry.

After we waited in this super long line to get into the masquerade. I was hungry so I bought a hot dog, but it wasn’t filling enough so I went to buy a Gyro. Victor ran to come with me. He’s really a gentlemen, he may even be the nicest guy I know! Hmm.. I gyro was pretty good. Later on Chrissean ended up visiting and he bought me a Subway sandwich!!! Whaaa?! I was so surprised cause he doesn’t really doing things on his own for me. ^_^ We went to the show and they performed first! They did a Scott Pilgrim skit. It was pretty awesome! I screamed my head off until I got a headache. -__-  There were 50 skits and we only stayed for 10 of them. After, Matt, Chrissean, Marijo, and I went to safeway to buy alcohol. Marijo and I bought Absolute Vodka and Matt and Chrissean bought yeager(I can’t even spell it).

Hmm… Then I spent time with Iris, Ashley, and Victor. We played a lot of card games. ^_^ We waited for everyone and did Victor’s make up. Autumn was there too! We took a whole bunch of cute pics. 🙂 There was a lot of time to kill.. Hmm.. Oh yeah! We filled the bathtub with ice and alcohol drinks! It was crazy! Finally everyone was there! Everyone took shots. The Absolute was soooo grosss.. blehh.. but yeah before you knew it everyone was gone… There’s many picture to prove it. Buahaha. Half of us went to the rave. The rave was pretty fun until I got pissed off and Chrissean and I were emotional drunks. Haha.. I don’t want to talk about it. No worries though, I was drunk. After that, Marijo and Matt finally showed up!  hmm.. I remember Marijo being crazy! I watched her throw up and then dance some more. She signs when she’s drunk too! It was hella funny. Then we gathered everyone together and went to watch Hentai (Anime porn) it was hella funny. Buaha. After, Mark was a hot mess and I just wanted to go back to the hotel cause Chrissean was already there. So Matt and I got sick of waiting for everyone so we just went back. I knocked out after that.

Monday- Woke up at 11 and we had to leave at 12!  After, Chrissean and I tried to take the elevator and waited for 15 minutes!!! omg and every elevator was packed so we were like FUCK IT! and we went down 19 sets of stairs. -__- so tiring. We then went to eat Supreme Dog with Law, Rizza, and Malik. It was yummy! I had a lemon chicken hot dog. Ohhh jeez.. I believe I’m getting hungry again! But yeah after that, Chrissean and I decided to go back to Union City. He ended up gently hitting a pole and got pulled over because a cop was behind us. She made a big deal out of it and she asked if Chrissean was drinking!!! She gave him a finger test.. hella funny. But yes, after that we headed back home. 🙂


-Pictures are in reverse order.. who cares..

Iris found a saw under the bed. O.o

Sunday Night!

Autumn! 😀

Don’t judge me…

The ladies from room 1911. 😉

Fun with Marijo.




Friday Night!


On the way to Fanime!!!


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