Happy Friday

Riding Bart back and forth til Matthew gets off of work. It’s way too windy for me in SF and I didn’t wear enough layers. I don’t do well in the cold.
Yesterday, I brought home a ton of food from an event we had at work. Then on the way home I passed a hobo and realized that I had so much food on me. It was too late that I realized I could have given him my food. I felt bad about it, so today I gave a different homeless person a muffin. And he told me he needed to use the bathroom. Mental illness is a real problem and the government should do more to help. 
Anyway, today was my “last” day of work. My supervisor was super cool and said how she hopes I find a full time job. She also said if I don’t find anything, that I can come back and work there in July. Haha. I’m glad she liked me. 
But yeah… Fanime is in a week! I should be eating better these last few days. I tried on my cosplay and was like.. Meh, my body looks okay in it. I haven’t been working out this week due to work and plus there have been events going on at work that involve food. >.< But I seem to remain under 135 even though I’ve been eating bad all week. I think that’s normal weight for me now which is fine cause I’m not fat, the right amount of curvy, and I still lost about 10 pounds. I’m pretty happy. And my metabolism sped up just a bit! 🙂 Hope I can pull off my cosplay. >.<


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