I watched Catch Me If You Can with Matty. Then I got pretty sick and went to bed. >.<


Matthew and I ran a few errands. We bought the last of our cosplay stuff then headed to Benicia. Mark helped us with our cosplays, cause Matthew and I are totally clueless. I usually sew my cosplays, but when I gotta make a prop I’m like.. “uhh… Mark?”. But yeah. I got quite a bit done. Still a lot of work to do.. -__-”


Matthew and I went to SF Moma! It was about 7 stories of art. Very fun! But I got extremely tired midway. I got to the point where I was just starring at the art like.. “meh!”. TBH a lot of the painting was just lines or someone took their paint brush and went crazy. I mean.. that was my opinion. Super offensive. Ahaha. But yeah some of it was cool. I found I like abstract art and Matthew likes pop art. I also found the typography section cool! It was so weird seeing an old apple computer and Palm Pilot on display. I was like.. WTF soon the iPhone will be in there and people will be like “Damn I remember those!” Then we came across the very first iPhone in a case! Technology is ridiculous.

Then afterwards we went to Union Square to take polaroids and to find this heart sculpture, but didn’t find it. 😦 Then we went to Daly City to Tani’s Kitchen. It’s a super tiny Japanese restaurant, but apparently they have really good Tamago sushi.. So we got a bunch of those! Pretty good! After we went home and watched another movie. Matthew loves movies and I have been enjoying them too. We watched The Walk, which is about this French guy that did a high walk across the Twin Towers. True Story. So intense!

But yeah! That was my weekend. I don’t really have much to say.. I have such a busy week! >.< Fanime is in 3 days and New York is in 9!

IMG_2075 IMG_2076 IMG_2086 IMG_2089 IMG_2111 IMG_2118 IMG_2133 3 1 2 IMG_2129 4 5 IMG_2125

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


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