On my way to NY! I’m so exhausted, we’re young and we’re doing this!

I went to the city to meet with my two friends from Aoyama Gakuin (my uni in Japan). Buri lives in SF and Paulo came up to visit from Mexico. I was running a bit late to brunch and when we got there, we were seated. I was confused to why there was 4 seats instead of 3. Then I was looking at the menu and I hear “Hi Meliza!” And it was Rasheeda from NY! I was super surprised and so happy. She gave me a late Christmas gift. She gave Matthew and I each $50 gift cards! So crazy!
But yeah after we went to Powell and did touristy things for a bit. I really missed the 3 of them! I just wished I could have hung out longer, but I had a phone interview. Then later it was day 0 at Fanime.
Matthew and I got to SJ at 8 and I found free parking for the whole weekend. I was so proud of myself cause we saved $80. Haha I’m so cheap. We just hung out in the room most of the time then Chrissean and Matteo showed up and we roamed the con. It was pretty cool, no people! We even went inside the karaoke room and there were no people! I can’t remember what we did afterward.. but I remember going to bed seeing it was 3am then hearing Gorgeous’ friend yaking on the floor, and saying.. “omg.. it’s only day zero!”
I woke up and went to the gym with Andrew and Mark. Then Matthew and I cosplayed for maybe 1-2 hours? After that, I don’t remember what we did. Maybe stayed in the hotel room? Chris checked in this day and right next to us! So our one bedroom turned into 3 bedrooms cause Chris had a suite. At night, we were too big of a group, but made it work and Savannah found us a hotel party with a DJ and bartender. So that was cool. I think that was really just the highlight of the night. I spent a lot of time with Socal group so that was cool.
Think I slept in and did not go to the gym.. Matthew and I went to get a day badge and waited for 2 hours in line! >.< Then after I had to rush back to the hotel and get ready for our group cosplay. Getting ready with the group was super fun to me. It was nice seeing everything come together and see how hard we all worked on our cosplays. Then we walked over the con and some of our costumes started to fall apart. It was so funny! It also took us some time to get to the con cause we were being stopped so many times.
But yeah! Our cosplay group was a success! And we were the first My Hero Academia cosplay group!! We’re even on the Shonen Jump website! Wahhhh!!! Ahaha Anyway, after I was so happy to change out. I showered and I think just hung out in Chris’ room with Nico. My days are getting mixed. I remember Alexis and Jay passed out, so I took their phones and took a million pics. HAHAHA And yelling at Jay cause we found him in our bed sleeping with shoes. Later, I went to the rave with our cool neighbors. Then realized how stupid light shows were and left. I ended up at Chrissean’s then back in our room laying in bed with the cool guys, and then more people showed up and partied.
Jeez.. I can’t even remember! I walked around the con with Matthew for about an hour. He bought me a cool Salior Moon poster. Then we separated because I wanted to work on my video, but then anxiety hit me and I was SO SHY that I could not talk to cosplayers. >.< So I sat around and practiced what I was going to say and never did it… During that time, one guy approached me asking if I was cosplaying.. and I was like WTF? Another time a “photographer” told me I was pretty and wanted to know if I wanted to do a photoshoot and get paid for it. Weirdos.. But if they could have approached me, then why couldn’t I approach other people! T.T
Later, I drank with the guys in Chrissean’s room and we played stupid games. Then I got a milkshake and sobered up real fast. The milkshake was AMAZING and I made the mistake of getting regular milk. Ahaha. After, I took a nap after that and woke up to Aimee and Kristy in the room. Kristy brought me a macron! T.T Then at night, I remember taking quite a bit of shots and telling Andrew that I don’t have many girl friends.. Like, out of both of the rooms I was the only girl! Ratio was like 1:15? So Andrew brought Matthew and I to Lobby con and I met a bunch of people. I was happy and excited to meet people til I was hit with reality and realized I didn’t know what to talk about. I felt extremely anti-social, but I tried my best. >.< Matthew and I headed back feeling pretty defeated. We got back to the room, and heard about everyone’s day and all the drama/gossip. Pretty fun.
Packing is always a pain so is trying to leave the hotel, but we got lucky and the housekeepers let us use the service elevators! Saved us an hour or so. Matthew and I put our stuff away and went to the con. We sat around and talked to a bunch of people. Then headed home.
This con was pretty chill, it wasn’t as hype as the last cons but I was sort of expecting that. It was fun, but in a different kind of way. Our friend group has grown bigger and some ways apart. Socal and Fresno has become a big part of group too and some members have become well known in the cosplay community and doing their own things. Either way, I’m happy to have good people around. This con I felt a lot closer to socal and fresno groups. I saw Alexis, Jay, Kristy, Savannah, and Wolf all days so that was really cool. I just wish I could open up more and make more girl friends. It’s not that I don’t like girls.. I’m just intimidated by most.
Anywho, I’m not going to AX this year.. Not even sure if I’ll be going to another con again.. We’ll see.
Thanks for reading!
P.S. Too lazy to spell check.
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Photo credit: Dennis Aka Den Den
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