New York Part I


Oh man.. The weeks are going by so fast! It’s Saturday already! Monday and Tuesday were a complete blur to me because I was so busy and taking naps in between. Plus I had to get up at 3:30am on Wednesday for our 6:30am flight to NY! But yeah, I just wanted to blog a bit about what happened before I forget what I did these past couple of days when I come back to Cali.


Matty and I left for NY. I sat next to a big smelly lady who took over the seat arm and her bag was in my foot space. -__- I didn’t say anything because she slept the whole 5 1/2 hours! But the flight wasn’t all too bad; I watched Hello, My name is Doris and Edward Scissorhands. When we got to NJ we took an uber to Queens to our Airbnb. Our place is SO CREEPY! Guess the owner is an artist and has weird painting and ancient artifacts everywhere. We sleep with the lights on.. Ahah.

But yeah. We rested a bit and headed to 212 Steakhouse for our reservations. We really wanted to try Kobe beef and dropped $200 for it. It was SO TINY. But after tasting it, I could understand why. So juicy, tender, and melts in your mouth… I wish I could have eaten plates and plates of it! Then we rushed over to this pop up store I wanted to go to. Reason why? It was all Strokes merchandise! I bought a few pins; everything in there was crazy expensive! After, we walked to Black Tap NYC for their famous burgers and milkshakes. It was 1 1/2 hour wait, but WORTH IT! And yeah that was our night!


We were pretty exhausted from our past week at Fanime and preparing our trip so we both slept 12 hours. When we woke up we took a train to Coney Island. It was a long trip and when we got there it was freezing! We took a few good pics and ate some good corndogs/hotdogs. Matthew got attacked by some birds! Hahaha You don’t feed the birds!!!

Later, we took two trains to Brooklyn to meet up with my ex-boss, Greg. Before we got to his house we stopped by a corner store to grab some beers and then… THERE WAS A CAT just sitting there eating! I think I sat there for 10 minutes petting him. So cute. Then we got to Greg’s neighborhood and it was so cute! The houses on the whole block are connected, so it’s real cool. Like Hey! Arnold! His house was super cool too and he had a backyard which is rare in NY. He lucked out. We had a bonfire, played with his dog, ate REALLY good food, and talked. It was super chill and it was something Matthew and I needed after our crazy week. We had a lot of fun. 🙂


Matthew and I just slept in, there’s no point in adjusting our sleep schedule because we’re up late anyway. We’re three hours behind so when we sleep at 1am, we’re really sleeping at 10pm and when we wake up at 12pm it’s really 9am. It works out cause the festival ends really late anyway. But yeah! Friday! We started the day late and headed to Manhattan. We got Halal Guys and went to South Central Park. This was the same part we went to the last time we went to NY. We ate and got real sleepy. I laid on Matthew’s shoulder and actually fell asleep! Which is rare because I’ve been having a hard time sleeping in public lately.. Matthew fell asleep too.

We got back to our airbnb and chilled for a bit. Then called an Uber to Governor’s ball! It’s actually pretty close! We got there, pregamed a bit, and entered the festival. GovBall is REAL organized so we got in fast and got our food fast! The crowd is way different from CA crowds. People fuck with you. Like the first 30 minutes we were there, some guy knocked Matthew’s hat off his head and another guy tried to steal my pizza from my hands. I’m sure they were both joking, but when you try to steal my food it’s a different story… But yeah, we did meet a nice couple. Matthew and I were trying to take a photo together and this girl offered if we could take theirs as well. After we were all done, I noticed the guy’s shirt and it was a Warriors shirt! Turns out the nicest people at the festival were people from the Bay!

Anyway! I had a great time! Matt & Kim were awesome like always. Think I watch them perform like 6-7 times now. Bloc Party was alright, but I still like them! And The Strokes were GREAT! This was my second time seeing them, and I noticed they always take so long coming out. They were 25 minutes late. That’s like 5 songs right there.. Anywho, they played, Undercover Darkness, Take it or Leave it, You Only Live Once, Repitilla, Soma, Someday, and some more music I can’t remember.

The aftermath of the festival was crazy. We can’t call an Uber on the island so we hopped on the back of the bus just so we can get off and call an Uber elsewhere. We ended up in Harlem and ate at an expensive iHop. $5 orange juice tho.. Anyway, I had a great night. Tonight is Day 2 of GovBall!!!

Pictures will be posted later. And I’m also not caring about spell check at the moment..


3:30am and the cat children didn’t want us to leave


On our way to splurge on Kobe beef!


212 Steakhouse is the only restaurant in the East coast certified to sell legit Kobe Beef

$200 plate right thurrrr


The Strokes Pop-up Store! ❤

5 6

Black Tap! Amazing Milkshakes!

7 8

Coney Island with this amazing person

9 10

Bedford to visit an old friend. Ralphie is the cutest!


Small bottle was $18! NY why you so expensive?!



13 14


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