The Ocean


ootd 2
“The Ocean” – Young Rival

I’m trying to catch up on my posts since I’ve been on vacation for the past two weeks! This is an outfit I wore at Fanime. The crop top and Jean button up are both thrifted! I also matched them with high waisted comfy cotton pants and my Nikes.

Outfit details:

Jean top: $5? Thrifted

Black Crop Top: $8 Thrifted

Pants: Marshalls?

Before this weekend, I managed to get down to 130 pounds which I was very proud of. I lost 13 pounds! I had a revealing cosplay to fit in, so I had to get serious about my diet and exercise. My main goal was 125, but I was content with my weight though because honestly.. If I lost anymore boob fat then I would not fit Yaoyorozu’s part! Hahaha.

Anyway, I was confident with what I wore this Memorial Day weekend due to my weight loss so in my next posts I’m wearing shorts! But! As soon as my cosplay was over Saturday, I literally went ham and had the mindset of “WHAT DIET?!” Now I’m currently on a pizza obsession. Maybe I’ll go back on a diet? Who knows? I’M A FOODIE! Can’t keep food away from me! :p


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