Matthew and I wanted to try NY bagel’s so we found this one in Brooklyn. The bagels are huge and fluffy here! So good! Then we headed to the festival. Everything was going smoothly until it was bag check and they found our hidden flask! Hahaha oh wellll…

The first band we went to see was Albert Hammond Jr. It was a great vibe and there was this topless dude with long hair dancing thru the crowd. It was so funny! He was on something! Then after we chilled for about 3 hours. I wasn’t feeling so well.. so it was nice to have that break before HAIM. I was feeling much better by the time they played. Then they started to play a Prince cover and it just started pouring! They played Forever after and everyone stopped giving a shit and danced in the rain. That was the best moment of the day.

Afterwards, we went to see Miike Snow. I was super excited because I was a big fan of him when I was 19-20, but his shows were always 21 and up. So finally 5 years later I got to see him! While waiting for him to perform, I saw this super drunk girl pull her pants down in front of the garbage cans and started peeing. Everyone was like.. OMG. Then I believe she started to poop! >.< Her friend was like “OMG you’re pooping!” Then stopped her. A lot of people were a mess.. It was so embarrassing to see, especially cause they were underage. Everyone was pretty much underage or white in a frat/sorority and on drugs.

We didn’t get to finish watching Miike Snow cause it started to pour again. We hid under a tree with like 50 people and waited for The Killers to come on. We went to the main stage to watch The Killers then it started to pour again! T.T So Matthew and I found this sign on the ground and used it to cover us and 3-4 people random people joined us.

Matthew and I stayed for about 4 songs because we’re not hardcore Killers fans and I’ve seen them before. They started with Mr. Brightside and it was the best thing ever! I thought they were going to close with it and we would miss it! It was perfect! But yeah when were done we hopped on a bus and caught an Uber. We were soaked and I felt bad for getting the Uber’s car seat’s wet. Taking a hot shower after was so satisfying though!


I woke up a bit earlier because Fidlar was playing at 1:55. As I was getting ready, I noticed it was pouring outside. Matthew and I decided to just skip their show and to watch Chvrches at 4:45pm hoping the weather would be better… but then I got a notification saying the whole day was cancelled altogether. We were so BUMMED out. Like… Kanye was playing!

Our whole day was planned for Governor’s Ball! And so when it was cancelled we had no idea what to do.. So we first got bagels for the second day in a row and ate ice cream in Baskin Robbins. We then decided to go to Manhattan. We went to Washington Square Park and that’s when I discovered my Instax was semi-broken! :/ The keyhole finder thing is all black! But it still takes photos.. Guess it got damaged in the rain the day before. So I have to take it apart later and try to fix it. That camera is my baby!

Later, we watched Popstar with Andy Samberg. Really funny! And there’s so many cameos. After the movie we took the movie exit and got stuck in the stairway. It was creepy as fuck. Luckily there were other people that entered and were braver than us, that found the exit. I thought we were going to be stuck in there forever!

After, we got some pizza and headed home. We watched the finals and went to a bar in Brooklyn to watch the second half. We found this sport’s bar and ordered drinks. They were playing the game.. but it was muted and there was a group of 5-10 people sitting quietly watching Game of Thrones! It was so weird.. but it was cool because they were enjoying it.

Matthew and I felt uncomfortable so we found another bar which was much better, but since it was Sunday, everyone left early. So we were basically alone eating nachos to ourselves. I really wanted to hang out with people! Shannon was in town, but I lost her number. And another friend of Matthew’s was in town for GovBall too, but she was sick. Matthew also ran into some friends in the streets of Manhattan! Small ass world!


Matthew and I woke up with huge hangovers. Those nachos did us NO GOOD. And! We had to leave by 10am! So stupid.. We took an Uber back to the airport. We had 4 hours to kill before our flight, but luckily our gate had tables and comfortable chairs with ipads/charging stations. We ordered food from our tables! Technology man! Finally we got on our flight. Hangovers and plane rides do not go well together. I almost vomited. I had the vomit bag ready and everything.

The plane ride went alright. I can never sleep long on planes. :/ But yeah we finally got home and ordered a pizza! Second time eating pizza this day. I’m obsessed!

Anyway, I’m happy to be home. 🙂

Thanks for reading/skimming through this post! I know it’s long.. so here are some pictures!


Lox Bagel!


Wowfulls! 🙂


After festival drunk food


Post-festival shoes RIP


Washington Square Arch


Watched The Finals at some bar in Brooklyn

24 25

Post-Vacation Food!

I didn’t have to much pictures because I recorded everything.. but Matthew has a ton. Maybe I’ll post those later


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