Finally catching up on these polaroid posts! Lately, my photos haven’t been turning out so well. Florescent lighting and overcast days are my true enemy! I try so hard to avoid yellow photos and with overcast days I’m just like… lighter or darker? Some come out too bright and some come out too dark! I need to master these settings!!!

Ah! Today I am going to the Impossible Project I-9 Launch party in SF. I’m not quite sure what to expect.. but I thought I’d go and learn new things about photography. Also.. maybe socialize? I’ve been quite unsocial lately.

All taken on my Neo Classic


Outerlands | L+


SF Trolley | L+


Aoyama Gakuin Reunion! (overcast day) | L+


Fanime Besties | Party Mode, Flash


My Hero Academia Cosplay Group! | (Multiple Settings)


Genderbend Kiki and TomboAutomatic

*note: We saw another genderbend cosplay this year! We’re not cool anymore! T.T


In N Out | Automatic


My favorite ice cream parlor | Automatic


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