Flashback Friday #7 | Completed my first year of college

I kinda miss living back home. Nowadays, none of my friends come and visit..

June 10, 2010 (18 year old Meliza)

I was having a good morning. The sun was smiling down on me.. But once you get on that Bart, it becomes a depressing world and you start to think. Today, I admitted it to myself. I cried. Something like this.. I shouldn’t be sad about. I shouldn’t have to be sad.

I can’t act on my feelings… Makes me vulnerable.

Well.. This week has been great! It felt like summer. Yesterday especially!

I went for my jog, shopped for our summer day, and cooked Bulalo with my mother. Yes.. I had bonding time with my mother.. I picked up Carla and her beach cruiser. We chilled for a bit and then we went on our way to La Costa. Carla and Matt were on the cruisers while Iris and I were on the rollerblades. It was really fun. We got to the La Costa. I attempted to pay for them.. It didn’t quite work. x_x. We ate our burritos. NOM NOM NOM. Then we went to Vintage. I took a bunch of pictures. πŸ™‚ Then we rode around on our BC’s and RB’s. It was fun. Matt and Iris are sooo cuttteee.. especially when they’re together. They should just be with each other again.

We chilled in the grass and occasionally played batmitton. I shot up the shuttlecock on the YMCA building and Carla decided to be a ninja and get it… (with my help!) HAHA! After, the two of us chilled in the grass and I serenaded Carlita’s with my Japanese music. Yeah that’s right! I was singing in JAPANESE. Almost all the words. Then Matt and Iris were playing batmitton. I joined them for a bit.. but they seemed better off with themselves.. haha.

We headed back home.. I felt bad because Iris kept getting left behind because she wasn’t doing too well on her blades. Her ankles were hurting and I wanted to help.. So… I offered her a piggy back ride.. We were stable for a second then I slipped and landed in a half-split. She landed on me.. HAHA! We were laughing for DAYS! Then I look at my knee.. Gushing blood man.. My battle wound. Got back to my house. Matt played Big Bang videos while I attempted to make pizza. First time, I failed.. burning it just a little. The second time, I BURNT it.. I was just a failure yesterday.

We went and picked up Angelica and off to iyogurt. Iris payed for me. πŸ™‚ Then we went to Barnes and Noble. Manga isle but of course. I didn’t feel like reading so I just took pictures. I felt like I haven’t talked to Matt all day, so it was the perfect opportunity. I beat him up. haha. Then we read sex novels. Pretty funny. After, we rented “The Invention of Lying” and watched it my house. I set up the living room with blankets on the floor. Carla and Angelica took the couch. And me, Matt, and Iris were on the floor. I would be in the middle! jeez.. I felt uncomfortable at first. Carla said they were plotting.. lmao.

The movie was good. This part.. omg so funny.. “You can get any mansion you can think of!” “I WAS THINKING OF A BAD MANSION!” my goodness.. I was laughing for DAYS! Yeah.. then I took Carla and Angelica home. Matt and Iris left too. I was really HAPPY that they came and I had a good time. πŸ™‚ I talked to Matt afterwards and we just talked about our day. Then he said something horrible. I was soo angry. I didn’t even wanna talk to him. Haha.. that and I was sleepy. But cheahh yesterday was a GOOD day.

Today, I woke up. sooo sleepy. My knee was killing me! So I had to buy medical tape. I took a picture of my battle wound.. I’d post it, but I don’t think anyone would like it. I only had one final. My speech final. It was group so it wasn’t sooo bad. I didn’t feel nervous? WOW! Leaving, I felt really bad.. I won’t be seeing my college friends anymore.. We don’t have any of the same classes and a whole summer without each other. I was sad… haha! but mostly happy because it was over. Man.. a whole year. Growing up so fast.

I took bart. Daddy didn’t pick me up. :/ He was sleeping so he didn’t get my calls. Carla picked me up! THANKS GURL! I got Uncle Wong’s and rented where the wild things are. We’re going to watch it at Carla’s… I should actually be there right now.. errr well.. yeah.. BYE THEN!

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