Happy Birthday Kyoshi Kat!

Happy Birthday Kyoshi!! I love you! Muaaahhhh!!!

Today my first son turns 5 years old! :3 I remember the day I got him. I picked up my sister on my 20th birthday and she was holding a box. She told me to hold it cause Mishka (her black cat) was in there. I looked inside.. and there was a baby black cat inside! T.T

She drove us home and I just laughed the whole way cause he tried to fit his entire head into an hole in the box that was only a quarter size. He was my best friend! We had routines. We played tag, hide n go seek, and fetch! He also loves belly rubs! Every time I would use my ‘pet voice’ he would stop what he was doing and roll on his back so I could pet him! :’)

He would wear whatever I made him wear! hahaha. He also has an awesome hashtag on IG (#kyoshikat). Kyoshi was there for me when my parents were in the Philippines for 3 months. I was alone, flooded our home, and had just broke up with my ex-boyfriend. It was a rough time for me.. I would cry every day and he would just cuddle me and lick my face. Hahah. 🙂

I wish he could live with me.. but I know he’s a happy cat. I love you Kyoshi Kat!

kyo 12 IMG_2869 IMG_2870 IMG_2871 IMG_2872 IMG_2873


Thanks for visiting me so much in Neko Atsume. :’)


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